The Barefoot Navigator

Barefoot Offshore Sailing School is pleased to announce the first-ever barefoot navigation course, the use of no-tech and low-tech techniques for wayfinding at sea.

Designed by author and veteran sailor Jack Lagan exclusively for BOSS the course will be suitable for beginners as well as ASA- or RSA-qualified navigators.

The Barefoot Navigation course will consist of two parts: downloadable materials for pre-study; and one week of practical tuition on board a 40-50 foot vessel in the tropical waters of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Barefoot Navigation Course Outline

  • The course begins Sunday, around 10.00 a.m.. We will spend each night at anchor in one of the many beautiful bays and cays found in the Grenadines.
  • Spend the week learning the navigation techniques of the ancient seafarers, while onboard a larger sailboat, surrounded by the stunning scenery unique to this part of the world.
  • We provide everything you will need including most food. Students are expected to share in meal preparation and clean-up duties. You just need to pack a few clothes – a swimsuit, your sandals and a desire to learn and practice navigation techniques in this tropical environment. Added expenses include the cost of a few meals we will enjoy ashore, and course textbooks.
  • Most of the boats in our fleet range in length from 34’ to 50’. Our Barefoot Navigation Course will take place on a monohull in the 40’ range.
  • During the week your instructor will cover the curriculum the Barefoot Navigator helping us to reduce our “Zone of uncertainty”. The course will end on Saturday around noon.
  • An amazing add on to those who hold formal certification or experience on the water sailing, The Barefoot Navigator is the perfect way to rekindle the navigation techniques on the ancient navigators.
  • Jack Lagan says: “The venerable history of navigation should not be scuttled in favour of the GPS set but, on the contrary, should be embraced to enhance the instinctive way-finding skills of all seafarers. The Barefoot Navigator is part history, part textbook and part polemic.”

Barefoot Navigation Course Objectives

  • Learn the Basics!

    Through the Barefoot Navigator Course, we will learn to reduce our zone of uncertainty while out on the water by practicing and learning the seafaring techniques of the ancient navigators.

  • Practice Makes Perfect!

    During this course we will ask and answer the following 3 questions:

    • Where are we?
    • How do we get to the next destination?
    • Why has the whole ocean become a zone of uncertainty?
  • Become a Barefoot Navigator!

    “Our objective is this.  After the course you’ll be a much better navigator than you were when you first stepped onto the boat.  You’ll boast new practical skills inherited from the seafarers of ancient times.  With practice, you will become confident enough to stand on deck, look at the sky, look at the sea around you and just kind of know where you are. You will be a shaman of the sea. You will be a Barefoot Navigator.” Jack Lagan



SPECIAL – $150
REGULAR – $199

(See form below for group rates)

This will take you around 1 hour per week to complete in the comfort of your own home. As well as Jack’s book, this will become your bible. Begin your learning here as Pre-study for the AT SEA course or simply indulge in the AT-HOME course, specifically tailored for St Vincent and the Grenadines.  As we are reducing technology on the water, all the pre-study online component is user friendly with lots of graphics for easy learning. It is interesting and not too heavy, plus you will have the bonus of being able to work through it at your own pace.. and.. No exams! 

Note this course does not include sailing.
  • Online Downloads – Books Apps and Videos
  • Personal Login
  • Online Tuition by Jack Lagan
  • Powerpoint Tutorials
  • DIY Navigation Instruments
  • Progress Reviews

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$1695 FEB 4th-10th 2018

(See form below for group rates)

Learn to Navigate in the beautiful Grenadines from FEB 4th-10th 2018 with Jack Lagan and take your sailing to a new level as you develop some of the very best ancient navigation skills.

This option covers your sail in the grenadines and live tuition.

Note this course does not include course textbook required for the AT SEA course or the AT HOME  e-course for pre-study.

  • 6 Days Sailing the Grenadines
  • Meals and Accomodation
  • Live Tuition with Jack Lagan

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$1895 FEB 4th-10th 2018

(See form below for group rates)

Everything you need to become a Barefoot Navigator! 

Intimate tuition with Jack on board your Barefoot yacht from FEB 4th-10th 2018, sailing around the gorgeous Grenadines PLUS

FREE access to the AT-HOME e-course for excellent pre-study!

  • 6 Days Sailing the Grenadines
  • Meals and Accomodation
  • FREE At-Home E-course
  • FREE Course Textbook
  • Live Tuition with Jack Lagan
  • Pre-study package included
  • Barefoot Navigator T-Shirt

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