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1. Where can I find additional detailed information about Barefoot Offshore Sailing School courses?

Barefoot Offshore Sailing School (BOSS) publishes a regularly updated BOSS Orientation Guide which addresses the following topics: Table of Contents Welcome The Players St. Vincent and the Grenadines Overview of ASA and Sail Canada certification standards Preparing for your Barefoot Offshore Sailing School course Travelling to SVG and what happens on arrival (including Covid requirements) Your […]

2. Rob’s response: As a beginning sailor starting my sailing journey, how much can I learn in a week?

While many Barefoot Offshore Sailing School participants come with some sailing experience, others arrive with little or no experience as crew or helmperson on a sailboat.  We welcome people with any experience level.  Whatever experience and skills you arrive with, you are guaranteed to leave with more! Many guests who sign up for our Basic […]

3. Rob’s Response: How do Sail Canada cruising courses differ from ASA?

Barefoot Offshore Sailing School is one of the few schools in the world, and the only one in the Caribbean, that offers both ASA and Sail Canada certifications. Participants in our courses often ask:  what’s the difference between Sail Canada courses and American Sailing Association (ASA) courses?  Is there an advantage to one system over […]

5. What is a Barefoot Offshore Sailing School “mentored charter”

Barefoot Offshore Sailing School offers a “mentored charter”.  This helps graduates of our sailing courses make the transition to sole responsibility as skipper of a chartered boat. What is a mentored charter? In a mentored charter, the charter skipper agrees to shadow one of our sailing course boats during their initial charter.  The BOSS Instructor […]

6. What is a Barefoot Offshore Sailing School “private course”?

In addition to our normal scheduled ASA and Sail Canada courses, Barefoot Offshore Sailing School (BOSS) offers the option of a “private course”. What is a private course? In a private course, a guest charters and provisions a vessel from the fleet of our sister company, Barefoot Yacht Charters. There is an additional fee for a […]

7. Can I bring a non-participating partner on a Barefoot Offshore Sailing School course?

Barefoot Offshore Sailing School welcomes couples to join our courses.  For couples who plan to cruise together, it is important that both partners are confident sailing the boat. We are sometimes asked by sailing school students whether they can bring a partner along as a guest who doesn’t plan to participate in the instruction. Speaking […]

8. Can I bring my teen-aged son or daughter on a Barefoot Offshore Sailing School course?

Barefoot Offshore Sailing School strongly encourages families to sail together.  Neither ASA or Sail Canada has an age limit for certification in cruising courses. We welcome teen participation in sailing school courses as long as: everyone recognizes that Barefoot Offshore Sailing School courses are designed for an adult-learning environment; your teen is committed to fully […]

Best Sailing Songs for 2022, from Barefoot Offshore Sailing School

Hi Shipmates: from Barefoot Offshore Sailing School, here are some great sailing songs to celebrate the beginning of 2022, from our Lead Instructor and Coordinator, Rob McLean You can find the links to the 2022 Sailing Songs music compilation from Rob’s website here. We hope you enjoyed happy celebrations with family and friends, virtually or in […]

Air Canada Direct Flights Resuming Nov 1, 2021

Air Canada is resuming direct Toronto – St. Vincent (airport codes YYZ-SVD) on Mondays as of November 1, 2021. We recognize that for many, a Monday may be a bit early in the week for coming to St. Vincent for a course starting on a Sunday, but it provides a convenient way to return home by […]