Advanced Sail Canada course April 14-20 2019!

The Advanced course is intended for experienced sailors who want to practice extended cruising involving continuous sailing by day and night in potentially heavy weather conditions.

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Sail Canada Courses in The Caribbean

In response to requests from the many Canadians that participate in BOSS courses, BOSS has entered into an agreement with Wavelength Sailing School of Kingston Ontario to offer Learn-to-Cruise courses leading to awarding of Sail Canada certifications. This ensures that Canadians taking courses with BOSS in SVG can have their credentials added to their Sail Canada logbook.

Several highly qualified Sail Canada instructors have been recruited to participate in this unique initiative.  In addition, Wavelength will be offering courses in the Great Lakes during the Canadian summer.

SVG has strong connections to Canada and now its even easier and more economical to travel direct to SVG, from December to April Air Canada is offering weekly direct flights to Argyle International Airport in St. Vincent, only a short ride from the Barefoot base.

Once you have booked your Sail Canada course through BOSS, you may prepare for your course through Wavelength’s, which offers Basic Coastal Navigation (a prerequisite for Intermediate Cruising) as well as Ashore Modules for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

For our Canadian clients we run Basic and Intermediate courses throughout the year from a Sunday morning through the following Saturday morning.

Two direct flights each week from Toronto:
Air Canada Rouge every Thursday year round
Air Canada Rouge every Sunday until April 28

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$1,995 PP

Even if you have never been on a boat you will learn to cruise safely in the stunning waters of the Grenadine Islands as skipper or crew of a sloop rigged keelboat of 6 to 10 meters in moderate wind and sea conditions during a 6-day, 6-night Live-a-Board Learn-&-Cruise. There is at least 36 hours of sailing and over 40 hours of instruction. It provides an introduction to cruising in a safe environment but does not cover many of the skills necessary for chartering, or boat ownership. (these are covered at Intermediate Level)

$1,995 PP

Our Intermediate course is for sailors who have their Basic Cruising Standard certification and have some additional practice or sailors with plenty of experience sailing in keelboats. The Intermediate Cruising live aboard course is highly recommended for people who are interested in chartering or owning a boat. Once you successfully complete this 6-day, 6-night Live-a-Board Learn-&-Cruise course you will be able to cruise safely as both skipper and crew of a sailing yacht of 8 – 12 meters in moderate wind and sea conditions by day.

$2,699 PP

Learn to act safely as skipper and crew of a sailing cruiser of 10 – 15 meters, any modern rig and inboard engine, operating within 100 miles of shore by day and night in coastal or inland water in any weather during this 6 day Live-a-Board Learn-&-Cruise course. The 6 days are spent consolidating sailing skills, anchoring techniques, navigation, Rules of the Road, and basic maintenance skills,  whilst sailing through the stunning cruising grounds of the Grenadine Islands with beautiful anchorages and plenty of opportunity to explore ashore. The itinerary includes  short open-ocean crossings and at least two night sails.

Catamaran Endorsement
$2,195 PP

The Sail Canada Catamaran Endorsement is offered as a standalone week of intensive instruction on a catamaran along with Sail Canada Intermediate certification. If you already have Intermediate the course will provide a mileage builder and refresher along with the endorsement. In addition to Intermediate topics, the theory covers terminology, stability considerations (which differ considerably from a monohull), accommodations, etc.

Practical topics covered include sail selection relative to wind speeds, use of the jib cars and mainsheet traveler controls to adjust sail shape for efficient propulsion and balance, adjustments to various conditions under power and sail. Adaptations to mooring and docking techniques  are practiced,   given a catamaran’s dual engines, additional windage, width, sail plan, and other factors. Crew overboard techniques (which also may differ from those for a monohull) are also covered. All this is accomplished in the Grenadines, which offers exciting trade-wind sailing as well as sheltered waters in the lee of many of SVG’s 32 islands.